Sunday, March 05, 2006

About Me and Mission Statement:

I am a diehard baseball fan. I grew up rooting for the Red Sox and Braves and now keep close tabs on many favorite teams and players while following the sport in general as well. As my baseball knowledge has grown I have become increasingly discontent with some of the ways that the more casual baseball fan is exposed to the sport through the media. From the Fox playoff broadcasts that make some fans want to tear out their hair to the columns that proclaim such meaningless statements as the White Sox won the 2005 World Series by hustling. I find it downright offensive that playoff “heroes” and lucky teams become icons while the consistently dominant players on more lesser known teams remain anonymous barring a fluke accomplishment. I will attempt in this blog to identify such situations and also provide my general take on baseball happenings. In some cases I will point out columns, writers, etc. who are spreading baseball lies at the expense of disregarding the truly talented players. My feeling is that true talent would be much more marketable without the current cloudy picture of MLB being painted.



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