Monday, November 20, 2006

Let the Madness Begin

So far we've already seen the Cubs and Red Sox spend $280 million this offseason, and there's no reason to expect that the money won't keep flowing. I can't really criticize the whole sport for spending wildy, since there are a lot worse things to spend the money on than players, if the money's really there to spend.

What I can criticize are the acquisitions of some players that I don't think were the right moves, regardless of price.

The Reds at it again. Not to keep harping on Cincy, but what can I do when they keep giving me all this material? Gonzalez is a one trick pony who is not likely to age well. Why sign him up when you have a young guy in Brandon Phillips who is already a much better hitter and who can definitely play a good enough shortstop? The Mike Stanton move isn't really anything noteworthy, except for the idea of giving him a 2 year contract when he should be settling for spring training invites at this point.

Exhibit B. It's amazing how quickly teams can go from perennial losers to teams who consider themselves one player away from getting back to the world series. If the Tigers are really done after acquiring Sheffield and re-signing Casey, then the odds are squarely stacked against them sniffing the playoffs last year. As I blogged about early last season, the Tigers can attribute their 2006 success to every pitcher coming through and staying healthy, and the health of the middle of their lineup. The chances of Ordonez, Guillen, and Sheffield staying healthy for the majority of next year is 0, so the Tigers have better keep adding bats to that lineup, which along with the starting pitching is likely to regress somewhat. "Basically, the way I look at it, since the All-Star break we were looking for a bat," said manager Jim Leyland. "Since then we added Sean Casey and Gary Sheffield. That's impressive." No doubt Sheffield is a premium bat, but Sean Casey??? There are two things I know for sure about Sean Casey. One, he is one of the nicest guys in sports, and two, he slugged .408 as a Red (in a homer launching ballpark!). Expect a .250/.290/.375 line out of him next year, what he did once moving to Detroit.

Other Moves:

Dodgers sign Nomar for 2 Years: Thumbs Up, but where will he play?

Mets probably will sign Moises Alou: Shrugs shoulders, he probably won't be healthy to play much.

Angels sign Speier to 4 years: Thumbs up, but save some money for the lineup!

Rangers sign Catalanotto again for 3 years: Thumbs up, for the price.

Blue Jays sign Thomas for 2 years: Thumbs down, not what the team needed.

And just as I go to press, more madness comes in off the wire.

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Anonymous Pete said...

5 years, $45M for a guy with a 3-year average OPS of .726 (and an average of 40 BB/yr). Don't worry, though, he's one of the game's most durable players, so he'll be sure to play in lots of games and continue to be the mediocre player he always was. But man, you oughta see him lay down a squeeze bunt!! Because that's what you shell out 45 million bucks for. Great success!!!

12:59 PM  

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