Monday, April 06, 2009

Predictions....They're Gritztastically Unerring!

AL East: Is it going to be a 2-team or 3-team race this season?

1st: Yankees - Money > Skill
2nd: Red Sox - All your pitching are belong to us. I liked this team better when it had power hitters.
3rd: Rays - I'm really interested in seeing how Burrell responds to DHing and switching leagues.
4th: Blue Jays - Remember when Toronto had a good roster? They're just a Roy Halladay away from being the O's at this point.
5th: Orioles: Some good hitters, but that rotation is spelt U-G-L-Y.

AL Central: Some can hit, some can pitch, none can really do both.

1st: White Sox - It pains me, but they're the most solid of the bunch. Love that bullpen on paper.
2nd: Indians - This team would rock the socks .... of the NL.
3rd: Tigers - Remember when everyone thought they'd win the Series last year?
4th: Twins - Mauer is cratering fast.
5th: Royals - The best last-place team.

AL West: Does Oakland unseat the Angels this year or next year?

1st: A's - This year. Might still trade Holliday mid-season!
2nd: Angels - I'd pick them for first but a rotation with this many injuries already is in deep trouble.
3rd: Rangers - If I was one of their awesome hitters I'd be so annoyed at the lousy starters
4th: Mariners - Zzzz.

NL East: Four of these teams could probably win divisions in the NL Central or West.

1st: Philies - better pitching depth will carry them to the end, will need to add offense
2nd: Mets - Fixed innings 8 and 9, but who besides Santana can handle 1-7?
3rd: Marlins - How many years until the Yankees give Hanley The Big Account and I have to stop liking him?
4th: Braves - This team needs to get out of the NL East.
5th: Nationals - most competitive they've been in a while.

NL Central: Why are there still 6 teams in this division but 4 in the AL West!?

1st: Reds - I know, it's bold. But this team has an intriguing mix of hitting and pitching.
2nd: Cubs - Harden might have the best 125 inning season in history against these weak NL lineups.
3rd: Cardinals - Chris Carpenter is an uber wildcard, this team could possibly win the division.
4th: Brewers - Not as sexy as they used to be.
5th: Pirates - Moving on uppppp ... to the second floor cellar.
6th: Astros - Does whichever contender make the trade for Oswalt win the World Series this year?

NL West: Barry Bonds is still looking for work!

1st: Dodgers - Almost didn't pick them, but taking Pierre and Jones out of the starting lineup makes that team a lot more competitive.
2nd: Diamondbacks - best top 3 rotation in MLB? If LA gets serious injuries AZ will take the title.
3rd: Giants - Lincecum and Lincecum and pray for Lincecum.
4th: Padres - Mr. Towers, I'd trade Buchholz and change for Peavy any day of the year. Call me.

AL Wild Card - Boston, but it's a coin-flip between them and the Yankees weighted against Ortiz's HR total.
NL Wild Card - I guess the Mets? Or Cubs. Why do we care about the NL again?
AL MVP - TeixMeix
NL MVP - Wright
AL Cy - C.C. "this left arm will self-destruct in 1.5 years" Sabathia
NL Cy - Lincecum



Blogger John said...

I'm just going to comment on these instead of making my own.

I think O's and Royals will both avoid the cellar.

I give Braves much more respect, I'm not on the Phillies bandwagon at all, I think they're 3rd this year.

Yeah Reds is very bold, I put them 3rd at best.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

Seriously? The Reds?

I wanted to pick the O's to finish 4th, but just couldn't do it. Next year for sure.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

hey remember when we all criticized the Blue Jays and they were the best team in the majors after the first month and a half?

3:51 PM  
Blogger John said...

yeah i think i remember that. i like your reds pick better now too, volquez, harang, cueto ftw!

2:55 AM  

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