Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 Predictions, because someone has to be wrong

AL East
1st - Rays - They could screw this season up, finish 3rd, lose 3-5 major leaguers, and be just as competitive next season with their army of prospects coming up.
2nd - Yankees (wildcard) - I see regression all over the place. No way can Rivera, Posada, Jeter, and A-Rod ALL put up 2009 seasons on 2010 bodies; which is what it'd take to win the division. Vasquez's AL numbers won't equal his NL ones, but at least they're finally starting Hughes.
3rd - Red Sox - This division is a complete crap shoot, three 94+ win teams is possible. A downturn in corner power and a possible mid-season Beckett contract controversy may leave this team looking in from the outside.
4th - Orioles - 20-30 wins later we have the bottom of the division. Lots of intriguing prospects here, but still not ready to take a run at the mountain.
5th - Blue Jays - RIP Blue Jays for the next few years, will anyone in Toronto be watching by the time you turn it around?

AL Central
1st - Twins - they were || to messing up and putting Liriano in the 'pen. Thome looks great buried in that lineup.
2nd - Tigers - if like 5 things bounce their way, they can win the division.
3rd - White Sox - how can a team appraise pitchers pretty well but hitters so stupidly? I love their bullpen.
4th - Kansas City - If only some intrepid intern could clean this roster up, it'd be a decent squad.
5th - Indians - Do they fire Shapiro this season? It'd be too bad, but maybe it's time.

AL West
1st - Mariners - I suspect most sources will say Texas will win this division, and they very well might. However once Bedard comes back the Mariners have possibly the best Top 3 rotation in baseball, and a deceptively solid lineup. Record vs. the rest of the division will be key in the AL West.
2nd - Rangers - Best lineup this side of Yankeetown. If Harden ever throws 200 innings again, he'd be playoff-bound. And will Feliz's bullpen explosion last year translate to the rotation?
3rd - Athletics - will be much improved from last year's forgotten season, but still not close enough to contention again.
4th - Angels - If everything goes well for them, this pick will look ridiculous. But I see regression in the outfield, Pineiro != Lackey, and a bullpen controversy in the making with Fuentes.

NL East
1st - Phillies - Ho hum, to the playoffs we go. Halladay maybe has the best season since Pedro? Wait scratch that, best season since Greinke in '09??
2nd - Bravos (wild card) - I'm fawning over that lineup, and if Hudson bounces back the rotation will be pretty nice.
3rd - Marlins - Already 1 year behind their "win WS every 6 years" pattern, will need Hanley to get back on track in order to contend for the playoffs.
4th - Mets - they definitely win the "most boring roster" award; it looks like a fantasy team that someone stopped paying attention to 1.5 months into the season.
5th - Nationals - my bet on Strasburg call up - June 1st.

NL Central

1st - Cardinals - least competitive division award goes to...
2nd - Cubs - their core is rapidly aging
3rd - Reds - I'm uber-high on this team in 2011-2013, especially if they get rid of Baker first
4th - Brewers - I will give them all kinds of Kellys and Westmorelands for just one fat Fielder
5th - Astros - zzzzzzzzz
6th - Pirates - get a fresh look at tomorrow's contender trade deadline-acquisitions, today!

NL West
1st - Rockies - This lineup won't be half-bad, even at sea-level.
2nd - Dodgers - If someone looks to dump an ace starter this season, Dodgers need to pounce like whoa.
3rd - Giants - for every intriguing young hitter/Lincecum, there's a smelly Rowand or Zito gumming up the works.
4th - Diamondbacks - if they had a full year from Webb, maybe a different story.
5th - Padres - Adrian's gonna get bored this year.


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