Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ben's Preseason Predictions

Somehow I feel like they aren't much different from last year, but I'd have to check.

AL East

1. Boston Red Sox - this is it. If this team doesn't unseat the Yankees, I think the Braves streak is in serious jeopardy. If Pineiro can serviceabley close, the bullpen will be a lot more solid than the deluge of criticism suggests.
2. NY Yankees - Unfortunately their ability to assemble any lineup they want hides most of their pitching woes. Cano and Wang come back to earth.
3. Toronto Blue Jays - keep tryin' J.P. Ricciardi. Very close to wild-card range here, maybe give them another year of tweaking.
4. Tampa Bay Devil Rays - contraction please.
5. Baltimore Orioles - when you sign Traschel to replace Benson, you've got plenty of problems.

AL Central

1. Cleveland Indians - I'm just going to keep picking them until their run differential pans out the way it should. Only Foulke is able to screw over two teams in a matter of months.
2. Chicago White Sox - If Konerko/Dye/Thome didn't exist this team is a laughing-stock.
3. Detroit Tigers - Please let Zumaya close, you'll pick up wins!
4. Minnesota Twins - Pass a collection plate every game to raise money for Santana's extension.
5. Kansas City Royals - I love the '80s!

AL West

1. Oakland - Harden and Haren and pray for .... no elbow catastrophes?
2. Anaheim Angels - man that's a bad lineup with a chewy Guerrero center.
3. Texas - I feel like they've missed their opportunity to take it to the next level with their current core. If Gagne's close to who he was, they could have an interesting season.
4. Seattle - Let's hope year two of his reign is kinder to King Felix.

NL East

1. Atlanta - their lineup is competitive with the Mets despite half the press, and their pitching is probably deeper.
2. NY Mets - Pedro's going to be a reliever in a year or two.
3. Philadelphia Phillies - Close but perennially short.
4. Florida Marlins - They'll be breathing heat down the rest of the division's neck all year.
5. Washington Nationals - cherry trees?

NL Central

1. St. Louis Cardinals - book it.
2. Chicago Cubs - that's a lot of money they spent to possibly miss the playoffs.
3. Milaukee Brewers - if Sheets is finally healthy.
4. Houston Astros - Losing Pettite and possibly Clemens in one offseason is going to hurt.
5. Cincinnati Reds - I actually forgot them when I first did my list, I guess that sums it up.
6. Pittsburgh Pirates - whoa, Jason Bay's already 28.

NL West

1. Los Angeles Dodgers - in the largest pitching-friendly division, they have the most of it.
2. San Diego Padres - if only their lineup was a little deeper.
3. Arizona Diamondbacks - if this team keeps Webb, they could be somebody in a couple years
4. San Francisco Giants - they should've been rebuilding 3 years ago.
5. Colorado Rockies - sigh.

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haha. chewy guerrero.

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