Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Behold Another Ensemble Member!
(this one perturbed by brilliance)

I usually say what I want to happen so this year I’m just going to say what will actually happen.

AL East
1. Yankees: Barely the second best run differential in baseball last year and they should be better this year with the lineup returning and the young pitching taking over.

2. Red Sox: Still marginally the best team in baseball I think but I can’t see Francona putting any effort into trying to win the division when a playoff spot shouldn’t be in jeopardy.

3. Blue Jays: Probably closer to the Rays then the Red Sox, but good enough to contend in almost every other division.

4. Rays: Man what if they still had a healthy Baldelli and Hamilton? At least they’re going in the right direction finally. Third place or bust in 2009?

5. Orioles: Last.

AL Central
1. Tigers: Whether they’ll be an elite team depends on health of pitching. Either way they should at least mash their way to the top of this division.

2. Indians: Still having enough room for Cliff Lee in the rotation tells me way too much rests on Carmona’s success. Probably 85-90 wins here, not enough for a playoff spot.

3. Royals: What’s that, the Royals finishing in 3rd? Oh yes, the Twins are that bad…

4. Twins: Santana would be pretty important on any team, on the Twins he was everything.

5. White Sox: They could be really, really bad for a really, really long time.

AL West
1. Angels: Out of habit.

2. Mariners: But 1st if they make a move for a good starter or run producer at some point.

3. Rangers: Hitting’s getting better, pitching not as much.

4. Athletics: If anyone over 25 plays well then they’re getting traded anyway, so last this year.

NL East
1. Mets: With Santana, this isn’t even going to be close.

2. Braves: Would have won the division with any luck last year, and that was with lots of minor league caliber guys giving them starts and without Teixeira and Mike Gonzalez. I think the wild card is do-able.

3. Phillies: The pitching still stinks. The division has gotten better and will leave them behind.

4. Marlins: Health of the starting rotation is very key because they’re offense just got traded.

5. Nationals: This pitching staff is all different kinds of terrible.

NL Central
1. Cubs: Their spending spree has propelled them right past the Brewers’ slow rebuilding process.

2. Brewers: So many possibilities with so many question marks. I think what’s important is that there still isn’t enough pitching depth either way.

3. Reds: Based on run differential they should have finished in third last year, and not much has changed.

4. Cardinals: I would understand the pitcher batting 8th if he was Rick Ankiel… or cleanup in this case.

5. Astros: Berkman and Oswalt must go now.

6. Pirates: Still dead, check back next year.

NL West (Starting random number generator…now)
1. Dodgers: As long as everyone plays nice, and someone gets a hit with RISP.

2. Rockies: Didn’t have the 3rd best run differential in baseball by complete accident.

3. Diamondbacks: Unless Haren brought a replacement luckbox they’re not gonna duplicate all the close game wins.

4. Padres: They had their chance, Hoffman blew it. Twice.

5. Giants: Worst offense since the 2004 Diamondbacks, might not score 600 runs.


Blogger Jobu said...

I think the one thing we can all agree on is that the Giants are very old and very bad.

10:41 AM  
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