Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I need to blog more. Here are my division picks...

AL East:

1. Red Sox - Going to be a tight race yet again. The Red Sox owners should really capitalize on their product market, they don't do enough of that!

2. Yankees - ALCS III: The Reckoning comin' atch ya! Fox is happy, baseball fans mourn.

3. Blue Jays - Halladay prevented me from putting them 4th, but I really wanted to!

4. D-Rays - Closer to almost-missing-the-playoffs than some may think.

5. Orioles - Stop screwing around and sign Markakis long-term.

AL Central:

1. Tigers - Cabrera a beast, Willis a mediocrity. Offense is scary, the bullpen injuries are a tragedy.

2. Indians - My boys from Cleveland didn't supplement their rotation like they desperately needed to. People who pick 'em first believe in Carmona, those who pick second don't.

3. Twins - I really, really, really wanted to pick the Royals third. Offense is a little better on paper than I thought. People forget how deep the 'pen is.

4. Royals - Will the real Zack Greinke please stand up? Gordon and Butler and pray for Beltran?

5. White Sox - hahahahahahaha.

AL West:

1. Mariners - Stop the Mariners bandwagon, I want to get off. How can the same team that developed King Felix and lunged for Bedard sign Silva and Vidro? Choose a side Seattle, we're at war (is that joke stale already? ... yes).

2. Angels - I'm already pumped up over the prospect of reading all those articles about how Hunter brings a whole new kind of energy to a perennial playoff contender.

3. Athletics - Whenever Cust is in the outfield can we play circus music over the PA? Finishing third isn't a tribute to Beane, but a recognition of how awful the Rangers will pitch.

4. Rangers - Let's put the Rangers, Orioles, D-Rays, White Sox, and Nationals in their own division and not e-vite them to any of our parties. What's the pool on Bradley's trade date?

NL East:

1. Mets - Santana 1, NL 0

2. Braves - Best lineup no one talks about. Pitching will be adequate for a wild card berth.

3. Phillies - Maybe they'll try Howard as closer this season.

4. Marlins - A's-Marlins World Series 2011!

5. Nationals - We can rebuild them, we have the technology.

NL Central:

1. Cubs - I know I shouldn't be, but I'm excited about seeing Wood close this year. Dempster must feel like he just got dumped after paying his girlfriend's way through grad school.

2. Brewers - If your ace's shoulder is unreliable, get more rotation depth! Love the lineup.

3. Cardinals - Pitching is pretty mediocre, but this is the Bad League we're talking about.

4. Reds - Should be third but Baker is good for -5 wins. I'd love to see Adam Dunn in a Braves uniform.

5. Pirates - They don't even get e-vited to my "don't e-vite" division! Likely 5th, but I needed a "risky pick" for the MLB Garbage water cooler.

6. Astros - Trade Berkman and Oswalt and rebuild around Pence.

NL West:

1. Dodgers - One of these years when I pick them it'll be right. Let the younglings play already.

2. Rockies - If they had made the grab for Bedard this would've been a very productive season.

3. Padres - How can a team go from incredibly exciting to incredibly stale in only 5 months?

4. D-Backs - If they can add a couple pieces to the offense they can win the division in 2009 and hold it for a while.

5. Giants - *sound of toilet flushing*


Blogger John said...

pretty similar, we should probably do w-l records too, but time she is money

4:41 PM  
Blogger Jobu said...

We really ought to wager something on the NL west outcome, just for shits and giggles.

7:41 PM  
Blogger John said...

i'm down for $100 per pick.

ben's mariners pick is looking good if escobar goes down.

also you said d-rays

8:07 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

John, in this fast-paced hyper-globalized world, we don't have time for nouns. Everything is hyphenated!

3:31 PM  

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