Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where has the time gone?

Unfortunately it hasn't gone into blogging about MLB. Maybe it's because my two favorite teams fell apart mid season, but for whatever reason (or maybe because Ben never wrote anything!) I haven't felt like baseball blogging at all. I hope to write a good column at the end of the regular season examining my pre-season predictions again, but until then, a couple musings:

The Twins would be an awesome team to watch in October.
I'm so glad the A's are putting it together again despite the debilitating injury bug.
I hope the Cardinals hold together the duct tape long enough to win the NL Central.
Can the Mets do anything in the postseason with a rotation as creaky as theirs?
Can the Yankee$ exhaust opposing pitchers all the way to the world series?
Will Morneau get any 1st place MVP votes?
Will the Reds ever relinquish the NL wild card lead?
Will any team in the next 5 years stop the Yankees from setting the consecutive division title record?