Friday, April 10, 2009

2009 Predictions – Now with twice the incompetence!

AL East – Toughest division in baseball only getting tougher.
1. Yankees. Pains me to do it, but there’s just too much talent here. How are people actually predicting that they’ll miss the playoffs?
2. Red Sox (WC). Is anybody else scared by how critical the large father is to this season? And hopefully Lester is immune to the Verducci effect.
3. Rays. Dream season last year, so a step back seems pretty likely. Still, it’s unfortunate that one of the 4-5 best teams (possibly best 3) teams in the majors will miss the playoffs because all 3 are in the same division.
4. Blue Jays. Careful Jays, you’re getting closer to O’s territory than Sox/Yankees. Watch out next year.
5. Orioles. The AL East is going to be really scary once the Orioles start to become relevant again (not that far off).

AL Central – would all give the Jays a run for their money in the East.
1. White Sox. Why am I picking all the teams I dislike the most to win their divisions?
2. Indians. Search for the real Travis Hafner continues.
3. Tigers. Who wants to trade for Verlander?
4. Royals. That’s right, the Royals ride the coattails of sir Greinke to a non-last-place finish, meaning…
5. Twins. Mauer injury torpedoes the season.

AL West – No longer the Angels’ division for the taking
1. Oakland. Significantly improved offense, and the perpetual crop of promising young pitchers. Of course, having made the prediction, they’ll probably deal Holliday at the deadline.
2. Angels. Too many injuries to their top pitchers. Tough to win the division with 3-4 #5 pitchers.
3. Rangers. Can we give them some pitchers, just for one season, just for fun?
4. Mariners. King Felix counting the days until he can get the heck outta dodge.

NL East – Can the Mets collapse for a third year in a row?
1. Mets. It just has to happen this year, right? Still, that rotation is scary (and not in a good way).
2. Phillies (WC). The Hamels elbow situation is enough for me to bump them down.
3. Marlins. This team can hit a little bit. Watch out with Hanley in the middle of the order.
4. Braves. Top of the rotation is solid. Rest of the staff and lineup, well, not so much.
5. Nationals. Over/under on average IP per outing for starters: 3 1/3 (chicks dig the long ball). Would dominate at AAA.

NL Central – I suppose somebody has to win.
1. Cubs. Seriously, Gritz? I suppose if this year is finally the year Big Z’s arm falls off, then they don’t win, but I don’t see it otherwise.
2. Cardinals. If Ludwick follows up on last year hitting behind Pujols, this team can score some runs. Then again, they do have a Molina…
3. Reds. Promising young pitchers and hitters + Dusty Baker = EPIC FAIL.
4. Brewers. Had their shot, and it’s gone. Where is Fielder going to end up after 2010, and who’s going to be stuck with a Giambi contract?
5. Pirates. Picking both the Royals AND the Pirates to not finish last? I oughta check my meds.
6. Astros. Cornering the market on players who were good in 2001. And they have Darin Esrstad.

NL West – See NL Central comment
1. Dodgers. Chad Billingsley is going to become much more widely known really soon.
2. D’backs. Maybe Webb is much more fragile than he looks?
3. Giants. Attack of the over-the-hill lefty starters.
4. Padres. Remember when I picked them to win the division last year? That was fun. Both Peavy and Oswalt could be dealt midseason – who wants to win the World Series?

AL Wild Card: Red Sox, but neck-and-neck between Sox and Yanks.
NL Wild Card: Phillies (coin flip between Phillies and Mets, depending on the how many starts Hamels makes).
AL Cy Young: Sabathia.
NL Cy Young: Santana. Should have had it last year.
AL MVP: Longoria (outside the box pick).
NL MVP: Pujols (please?).

AL: Yanks over Chi-Sox, Red Sox over A’s. Yankees over Red Sox.
NL: Dodgers over Mets, Phillies over Cubs. Dodgers over Phillies.
WS: Yankees over Dodgers.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Predictions....They're Gritztastically Unerring!

AL East: Is it going to be a 2-team or 3-team race this season?

1st: Yankees - Money > Skill
2nd: Red Sox - All your pitching are belong to us. I liked this team better when it had power hitters.
3rd: Rays - I'm really interested in seeing how Burrell responds to DHing and switching leagues.
4th: Blue Jays - Remember when Toronto had a good roster? They're just a Roy Halladay away from being the O's at this point.
5th: Orioles: Some good hitters, but that rotation is spelt U-G-L-Y.

AL Central: Some can hit, some can pitch, none can really do both.

1st: White Sox - It pains me, but they're the most solid of the bunch. Love that bullpen on paper.
2nd: Indians - This team would rock the socks .... of the NL.
3rd: Tigers - Remember when everyone thought they'd win the Series last year?
4th: Twins - Mauer is cratering fast.
5th: Royals - The best last-place team.

AL West: Does Oakland unseat the Angels this year or next year?

1st: A's - This year. Might still trade Holliday mid-season!
2nd: Angels - I'd pick them for first but a rotation with this many injuries already is in deep trouble.
3rd: Rangers - If I was one of their awesome hitters I'd be so annoyed at the lousy starters
4th: Mariners - Zzzz.

NL East: Four of these teams could probably win divisions in the NL Central or West.

1st: Philies - better pitching depth will carry them to the end, will need to add offense
2nd: Mets - Fixed innings 8 and 9, but who besides Santana can handle 1-7?
3rd: Marlins - How many years until the Yankees give Hanley The Big Account and I have to stop liking him?
4th: Braves - This team needs to get out of the NL East.
5th: Nationals - most competitive they've been in a while.

NL Central: Why are there still 6 teams in this division but 4 in the AL West!?

1st: Reds - I know, it's bold. But this team has an intriguing mix of hitting and pitching.
2nd: Cubs - Harden might have the best 125 inning season in history against these weak NL lineups.
3rd: Cardinals - Chris Carpenter is an uber wildcard, this team could possibly win the division.
4th: Brewers - Not as sexy as they used to be.
5th: Pirates - Moving on uppppp ... to the second floor cellar.
6th: Astros - Does whichever contender make the trade for Oswalt win the World Series this year?

NL West: Barry Bonds is still looking for work!

1st: Dodgers - Almost didn't pick them, but taking Pierre and Jones out of the starting lineup makes that team a lot more competitive.
2nd: Diamondbacks - best top 3 rotation in MLB? If LA gets serious injuries AZ will take the title.
3rd: Giants - Lincecum and Lincecum and pray for Lincecum.
4th: Padres - Mr. Towers, I'd trade Buchholz and change for Peavy any day of the year. Call me.

AL Wild Card - Boston, but it's a coin-flip between them and the Yankees weighted against Ortiz's HR total.
NL Wild Card - I guess the Mets? Or Cubs. Why do we care about the NL again?
AL MVP - TeixMeix
NL MVP - Wright
AL Cy - C.C. "this left arm will self-destruct in 1.5 years" Sabathia
NL Cy - Lincecum