Thursday, August 21, 2008

If Olney this was his first offense...

Sometimes Buster forgets his place and actually tries to think: "If the Reds are serious about reconstruction, here's the first thing they should do: Reconstruct the ballpark. Blow out the first 10 rows of seats in left and right field and make the place play bigger, for the benefit of pitching. As currently constructed, Great American Ball Park is as conducive to winning as Coors Field was in the 1990s, before the humidor."

I'll actually just refer to one of my first blogs, where I pointed out that the Rockies always did well at altitude. I assume he didn't see the blog since he doesn't have internet access, because if he did he would probably know that the Rockies career home winning percentage is 0.548, while on the road it is 0.392. Clearly the detrimental affects of playing at altitude are in the inability to adapt to playing at lower altitude.

The Reds are a completely different situation from the Rockies, as dimensions shouldn't affect play on the road. And why would a smaller park at home only hurt the Reds? Balls fly out of Philly and they've done fine in the new park. Does Petco park make the Padres automatic winners because it's impossible to hit a homer there? Doesn't seem like it. The Reds need better players (and probably better managing), they don't need to hit less home runs.